Aerofocus is a commercial UAV operator specialized in the inspection, measurement and surveying of large-scale industrial assets.
Our UAVs reach areas which are difficult or even dangerous to access, and are able to collect accurate data on your assets. Our fleet of drones is
operated by qualified and experienced UAV pilots applying the highest safety and quality standards through professional operating procedures.

Thomas | Chief Pilot & Engineering

Patrick | Pilot & Accounting

Technology you can trust

Our UAVs are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to suit your specific information needs. The high-quality results show the condition of your assets in precise detail as a basis for subsequent analysis of damages or anomalies. The processed data can be provided in almost any format, enabling you to trigger suitable actions via your asset management systems.

Service matters

No half work.
We get it done and we get it done on time.
Providing excellent service to our clients is what we value most. We strive to maintain a healthy business relation with transparent communication and a no nonsense approach.